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Activities relating to Environment, developed by Indice ICT & Management  are:

  • Agenda XXI
  • Water management
  • EN ISO 14001:2004 / EMAS

Agenda XXI

  • Strategic planning framework
  • Diagnostic
  • Preparation of action plan
  • Implementation, monitoring and review

Water management
(Supply Chain Water and Sanitation)
- remote management system for control and monitoring along the network of water supply and wastewater enabling automated management of the network at various stages of the water cycle (capture, processing, storage and distribution).

This system will therefore consist of three fundamental aspects:
· Telemetry, which consists of a set of sensors and instruments installed on the netwrok equipments  that  allow people to know  their status of operation;
· Telecontrol enabling operate on their operation such as opening and closing valves or turning on and off pump groups ensuring proper operation of the system of water supply;
· Management which guarantees an optimum exploitation taking into account the consumption, availability of stored water, operability of the various resources and behavioral statistics.

EN ISO 14001:2004 / EMAS
Implementation of Environmental Management System, according to EN ISO 14001:2004 and/or the european management  system  EMAS - Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. 




Agenda XXI

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ISO 14001 / EMAS

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Water Management

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