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Training services, include training in over 150 different  professional activities. 

The training services are classified in two universes:

  • Modular Training;
  • Professional Training;
  • Continuous Training;

Modular training has as main characteristic its short term, the complementarity between courses of the same thematic area, and the participants are people looking for upgrade or expand their knowledge in a particular occupational / profesional area.

Professional Training is characterized for long term training, which in addition to the professional component includes an educational component. The conception of curricula is flexible, respecting a modular (units or modules organized by skills, with internal coherence), which includes integrated components of professionalizing training and educational training, allowing to obtain a dual qualification - academic and professional. These courses addressed to young people not included in the regular school system and without qualification, and adults who wish to obtain a new occupation/ profession  or improve their current activity. For each profession, and taking into account the current profile of those interested in Professional Training, Indeks defines the appropriate program content and duration. 

Continuous Training includes all institutionalized and organized training processes subsequent to an exit from the schooling system and after insertion in the labour market, allowing for the individual to deepen professional and interpersonal competences, for a professional activity, a better adaptation to technological and organizational changes and to the improvement of his employability.





Identifying the tranning needs

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Trainning Plan Formulation

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Trainning Plan Execution

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Trainning evaluation

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